TAG-Ed High School Internship Program

Opportunities to intern are diverse, spanning a variety of industries. This is not a job placement program, but rather a chance to learn from the best and explore career possibilities right here in the Greater Atlanta region.

INTERN. The TAG-Ed High School Internship Program offers exceptional students with a technology career path, the opportunity to learn in a real-world environment and get hands-on experience in a field of study relating to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM). Students are matched by their host with companies based on related interests and qualifications.

Participating in this proven summer internship provides valuable exposure and experience that applies to any field you choose to enter, as well as impressive resume inclusion in the months and years to come as you pursue your career goals and objectives.

The internship is for a minimum of five (5) consecutive weeks. This is an unpaid internship opportunity, but the value to you is priceless.

The application window closes on January 31, so please begin your application as soon as possible. Competition is great for these coveted opportunities.

HOST an intern. Thank you for considering becoming an Intern Host Company for the 2024 TAG-Ed Summer Internship Program. We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you and provide students with a chance to gain hands on experience and contribute to your organization.

USDOL’s new “primary beneficiary” test should be used by Supervisor to determine whether an intern should be paid under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The test does not require every factor to be
met, but rather considers the extent to which each factor applies.

1. The extent to which the intern and the employer clearly understand that there is no expectation of compensation. Any promise of compensation, express or implied, suggests that the intern is an employee—and vice versa.

2. The extent to which the internship provides training that would be similar to that which would be given in an educational environment, including the clinical and other hands-on training provided by educational institutions.

T3. The extent to which the internship is tied to the intern’s formal education program by integrated coursework or the receipt of academic credit.

4. The extent to which the internship accommodates the intern’s academic commitments by corresponding to the academic calendar.

5. The extent to which the internship’s duration is limited to the period in which the internship provides the intern with beneficial learning.

6. The extent to which the intern’s work complements, rather than displaces, the work of paid employees while providing significant educational benefits to the intern.

7. The extent to which the intern and the employer understand that the internship is conducted without entitlement to a paid job at the conclusion of the internship

The new test is intended to offer more flexibility for unpaid internships. It is advisable to consider all hfactors related to an internship and ensure the intern will be the primary beneficiary of the relationship before you determine it should be unpaid.e host will provide interns with a minimum five week assignment that can runs between June 3rd and July 31st, 2024. To host a high school intern at no cost,  you must be an approved non-profit or startup. Startup companies must be under 3 years old and less than 100 employees.

Internships will be virtual.

Important dates to remember

January 31: Applications Close

April: TAG-Ed will reach out to those that move forward with interviews

April/May: Company match, interviews and placement

June: Internships will begin