Jaswanth Sai PyeniIntern at TAG

    Jaswanth Sai Pyeni

    Current school or university: Lambert High School
    Favorite Book: Destiny in the Ashes
    Favorite Movie: The Martian
    Favorite Quote: “Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play is free will.” – Jawaharal Nehru
    Role Model: Larry Page
    My TAG-Ed experience: I interned for Technology Association of Georgia, the parent company of TAG-Ed, in the summer of 2015. As an intern, I helped to organize various social events for C-level executives of technology companies, such as Round-table Discussions, and I also coded certain parts of the TAG website to allow for member companies to request training in specific technology areas.
    What I’m doing now: I am currently finishing my senior year at Lambert High School.
    Future Plans: I want to continue working within the technological field and as such, I plan to get a Bachelor’s in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering. My internship allowed me to gain a deeper insight into the technology sector in Atlanta. I realized that I enjoyed working within in the technology field, which is what led me to want to pursue the career path I chose.
    Work/Volunteer experiences shaped by my internship:
    The experience I got from my internship made me marketable for future technology endeavors. I was able to utilize the knowledge from my internship with TAG to successfully get another internship over the school year as a webmaster for a local company. Moreover, after an exposure to setting up events for TAG, I have been able to implement those skills to manage various fundraising events for school clubs.

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