Career Readiness

Workshop Series

The goal of the Career Readiness Workshop Series is to help students develop or enhance their professional image and profile as they prepare for the future workforce. Therefore, we’re dedicated to empowering students with both technology and leadership skills to successfully sustain future career pathways.

David Deming, a Harvard University economist summarized that “We are not witnessing an end to the importance of cognitive skills—rather, strong cognitive skills are increasingly a necessary condition for obtaining a good, high-paying job [but] you also need social skills.” Therefore this series is an opportunity to respond to the need to truly PREPARE our students for a future workforce.

By the end of the series, we hope to:

  • Create work ready students by strengthening their communications and presentation skills as well as interviewing, resume writing, collaboration, financial literacy, personal branding and a social media footprint.
  • Share career pathways that enhance a students “career literacy”.
  • Empower students with pathways to leadership via work force development initiatives and curriculum alignment.