TAG-Ed High School Summer Internship Applications are coming – March,  2025

The TAG-Ed High School Summer Internship Program offers exceptional high school students with a technology career path, the opportunity to learn in a real-world environment and get hands-on experience in a field of study relating to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM). Students are matched with companies based on related interests and qualifications. The internship is for a minimum of five (5) consecutive weeks.


This is a paid internship and participating in this proven program provides valuable exposure and experience that applies to any field you are pursuing. The program pairs two or more interns together to work on a provided project with clear goals and objectives given by the company. Interns will also have the opportunity to work closely with a professional that has expertise and/or a professional background in the field of experience.

The internship is for a minimum of five (5) consecutive weeks. High school students must be at least 16 years old to apply and be available to work between the dates of June 1st and July 31st. Competition is great for these coveted opportunities. Be sure and take full advantage of the exposure the host companies are offering to expand your skills.

  • Please note: applying for an internship does not guarantee placement

Becoming an Intern HOST Company

Thank you for considering becoming an Intern Host Company for the 2024 TAG-Ed High School Summer Internship Program. We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you and provide students with a chance to gain hands on experience and contribute to your organization.

The investment is $2,000 per intern. Interns will receive a $1,500 stipend upon completion of their 5 week/100-hour internship, and $500 will be donated to TAG Education Collaborative, a 501c3 non-profit, to invest in strengthening Georgia’s future workforce. Host companies will be invoiced after the intern selection has been made.

Benefits of Hosting Interns:

  • Access to vetted interns enthusiastic about adding value to your organization
  • TAG-Ed handles intern recruitment and paperwork.
  • Interns bring fresh ideas, the latest trends, and new perspectives to your organization.
  • Opportunity to connect with young professionals who can contribute positively at a minimal cost.
  • The opportunity to shape and guide interns’ career paths
  • The chance to strengthen Georgia’s future workforce

Host Site Expectations:

As a host company for interns, we ask you to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Provide interns with a minimum five week assignment beginning June 3rd or June 10th.
  • Must be willing to host a minimum of two interns and a maximum of six interns.
  • Define useful and educational projects with clear goals and objectives for the intern. It must not be to advance the operations of the employer.
  • Provide a point of contact/mentor within the company that provides routine feedback to the intern and TAG-Ed.
  • Keep track of the interns work hours each week.
  • Complete a midpoint assessment.
  • Contact TAG-Ed with any questions / concerns – internships@tagonline.org
  • Complete an End-of-Internship Evaluation.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the TAG-Ed team at  internships@tagonline.org

Important dates to remember

Jan. 16 – Applications open

March 30 – Applications close

March 7 – 4-5pm Required intern Zoom meeting via the link you received

April 8 – April 26 – Student advancement notification

April / May – Company match, interviews and placement

June 3rd or 10th – Internships begin