Pathways to Leadership Certificate Program (P2L)

Celebrating more than 25 years of connecting technology leaders in Georgia, the Technology Association of Georgia, through TAG Education Collaborative, offers the Pathways to Leadership (P2L) program. Together with an expansive network of distinguished top organizational leaders, we provide innovative methods of leading through team and personal leadership development, professional growth, and we educate, we serve, we engage and we grow. 

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Thursday, May 16 and May 23, 2024 (5:30 pm to 6:30 pm)

Pathways to Leadership – intentionally and with emphasis recognizes that the effective application of technology is an essential component of leadership. Technology is broad and constantly evolving – rapidly – which creates a significant leadership challenge to four fundamental aspects of Leadership: 

1.    New challenges: Address technology advances as new ethical dilemmas arise, or new industries emerge that require innovative approaches. 

2.    Increased competition: Prepare to face competition through innovation and differentiation.

3.    Economic instability: Recognized geopolitical tensions, trade disputes, or natural disasters to mitigate vulnerability to economic shocks. 

4.    Regulatory changes: Adapt to new rules and requirement that could affect operations or profitability. 

Learning Objectives

1. Create a Strategic Technological Vision that aligns technology initiatives with overall business goals and objectives in anticipation of technological trends and their impact on the organization.

2. Build Cross-functional Collaboration by coordinating with various departments, such as marketing, operations, finance, and HR, to ensure a seamless workflow of technology solutions.

3. Emphasize Innovation and Creativity to foster a dynamic culture within participants’ teams and organizations, encouraging resourcefulness, experimentation, and risk-taking to drive technological advancements.

4. Design Talent Acquisition and Development strategies in the technology domain to attract and retain skilled professionals.

5. Address Ethical and Social Implications regarding the use of technology including: data privacy, security, algorithmic bias, and the responsible use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and automation.

Program Schedule

Technology Leadership Conference

Monday and Tuesday, September 16-17, 2024

Technology Leadership – Building Organizational Capabilities -Blended – in person and virtual

Tech-Enabled Personal Purpose Communication

Tuesday, October 15, 2024

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Harnessing Technology to Energize and Assure Presence

Tuesday, November 12, 2024

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Contextual Framing in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology

Tuesday, December 10, 2024

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Tech Tools for Efficient Project and Meeting Management

Tuesday, January 21, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Personalized Leadership Development in the Tech Era

Tuesday, February 18, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Effective Team Leadership in a Tech-Driven World

Tuesday, March 18, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Leveraging Technology for Scalable Communication Solutions

Tuesday, April 15, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Navigating General Management Challenges with Technology

Tuesday, May 20, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Digital Transformation: Tech Strategies for Organizational Shaping

Tuesday, June 17, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Tech Solutions for Managing Change in the Digital Landscape

Tuesday, July 15, 2025

4PM to 6PM – virtual

Technology Leadership Conference

Monday and Tuesday, September 15-16, 2025

Technology Leadership – Building Organizational Capabilities

Blended – in person and virtual

Program Design Overview 

· Monthly interactive sessions with top tech leaders

· Participation in engaging forums to discuss relevant trends

· Collaboration in small groups to foster relationships and teamwork

· Community project assignment to support a nonprofit organization

· Attend the annual Pathways to Leadership Conference

Who should apply?

·      3 to 10 years of management experience

·      1-2 years of leadership experience

Registration and Fees

Program Fee: The cost is $5,500 per person with discounts available to TAG members and companies sending a team, and non-profit organizations. Payment plans available upon request.

Customized Program Fee: Contact us for a quote for the development a customized program to meet the specific leadership need for your tech leaders.

Program Delivery: The program is delivered virtually with an on-site orientation retreat and program graduation.

How to Apply: Candidates are chosen based on their nomination by an executive within their organization, community, or P2L alumni. Interested individuals may also self nominate.

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