The TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) presents our Pathways to Leadership (P2L) program – a means for providing participants with the best technology skills and leadership development practices on their path to become more successful in challenging environments. You will lead the future of technology by developing your leadership skills through interaction with Atlanta’s premier tech executives and innovators. Candidates with 3 to 10 years of management experience, and 1-2 years of leadership will gain knowledge and guidance through this professional development.

“Engage now with ATL’s premier technologists…..it’s priceless”

Thank you to our new cohort participants.

P2L provides a unique opportunity for ambitious professionals to learn directly from tech industry experts and executives. This program is a valuable learning experience and a richly diverse networking opportunity unlike any other. The graduating class of the 2024 cohort will have the necessary skills to not only continue their success, but thrive in their chosen career. The P2L program will be a resume building and professional branding opportunity upon the candidate’s completion of the program.

Special thanks for our new cohort for 2023-24

The Cohort members for the twelve-month program were chosen based on their nomination by an executive within their organization or community. Nominations were accepted from community organizations, businesses, and in the future – PTL alumni. Interested individuals also self-nominated. Cohort Classes are supplemented with small group conversations and projects to encourage relationship building, experiences and outcomes.

Your nominations are making a difference

Your nominations are connected with the Georgia Business community, and to strengthen his/her career growth path. The nominee is gaining experiences, knowledge, relationships, and outcomes that will create value for themselves, their organization, and the state of Georgia. They are part of a Member Cohort that is a diverse and inclusive group and represents different backgrounds in Georgia, including various industries, cultures, ages, and experiences. This will result in personal and professional growth for all involved.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Choose a certificate to be trained and tested on.
  • Engaging with the best networks and forum opportunities.
  • ChatGPT and A.I. readiness for use in your environment.
  • Providing constructive feedback, coaching, and influence.
  • Understanding the newest digital marketing trends.
  • Participation in enlightening discussions with tech professionals.
  • Cybersecurity planning, prevention and protection.
  • Unexpected benefits that will be career changing for you.
  • and so much more.

What do we expect from participants?

  • Three to five hours per month of activity in forums and gatherings.
  • Bringing your authenticity.
  • Bringing who you really genuinely are.
  • Be curious about what you hear from others as you ask questions.

Program summary:

1.   Monthly sessions with leadership.

2.   Participation in forums where you can select and engage.

3.   Collaboration in small groups to foster relationships and teamwork.

4.  Direct, personal Involvement in a project.

5.   Culmination of the first year with each member of the cohort leading a conversation on a topic of their choice at the annual TAG Pathways to Leadership Conference.

Curriculum focus:

  • Team and personal leadership
  • Applying new technology
  • Personal and professional growth

The TAG annual Pathways to Leadership Conference is attended by the alumni of Pathways to Leadership and the upcoming class. The current cohort will be the centerpiece of this conference as you lead the conversations moving forward. You will have direct, individual participation in the TAG Pathways to Leadership Advisory Council which will also offer quarterly forums to its alumni with TAG societies, activities and individual career growth opportunities, augmented by the relationships, knowledge, experiences, and outcomes you’ve generated through this program.

Participants will also hear from technology learning leaders which ensures deep integration. With this monthly format, a two-hour session is provided where these leaders will present their perspectives on specific topics. The following weeks, you can participate in a forum, a day long series of short conversations from which you can pick and choose to go deeper on these topics and address specific challenges that you may be facing.

You will be assigned to a dedicated small team to delve even deeper into particular aspects of the aforementioned topics, focusing on their relevance to your work and a project chosen by your team. The project aims to support a nonprofit organization that TAG has identified and presented to you as part of this program.

Cohort Content

Through attending our sessions, participants who are starting their career will receive tailored advice from industry expert instructors and commentary from executive team leaders. Some of the issues which will be discussed include creative problem-solving, strategic agility, safe medicines, conflict management, navigating change, etc. Participants will also be given the opportunity to work with the Atlanta Housing Authority, who has partnered with Pathways to Leadership. Open discussion style sessions will take place one Tuesday a month, from 4-6pm. Executive team leaders from across the city and Georgia will participate, along with many other talented and experienced individuals as well.

Our inaugural year, the Pathways to Leadership program enjoyed a number of milestones: 

Fifteen people participated through the year-long Pathways to Leadership curriculum, 5 members of the cohort were promoted, we working on several Atlanta projects, the cohort experienced 70 hours of learning, reviewed and implemented 30 different Leadership Frameworks, established or enhanced 1000 relationships, and enjoyed over 100 hours of consulting.


Personal Leadership


September 19, 2023  Introduction to the program and its participants

October 17, 2023    Communicating and Finding Purpose

November 14, 2023    Energizing and Being Present

December 12, 2023    Contextual Framing

Team Alignment

January 16, 2024    Managing Projects and Meetings

February 20, 2024    Developing and Leading Individuals

March 19, 2024    Leading Teams

Execution at scale

April 16, 2024    Communication at Scale

May 21, 2024    General Management

June 18, 2024    Shaping the Organization

July 16, 2024    Managing Change

Annual Leadership Conference & Retreat

September 16-17, 2024    Building Organizational Capabilities

Program Contact

Heather Maxfield Executive Director, TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) heather@tagonline.org


Jeffrey Buzzelli

Senior VP and General Manager

Christina Critzer

Head of Technology / CIO

Takiyah Gross-Foote

Talent Strategist / Global Leadership / Dev. Executive

Quincy Johnson

VP, Distribution Partner Operations


Mike Neumeier


Arketi Group