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The TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) presents our Pathways to Leadership (P2L) program, a means for providing participants the best leadership development practices to become successful in challenging environments. We will lead the future of technology by creating and developing new technology leaders.

Various valuable sessions are included in the program, allowing candidates with 3 to 10 years of leadership experience, and 1 to 2 years of management to gain knowledge and guidance through their professional development.

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P2L provides a unique opportunity for ambitious young professionals to learn directly from industry experts and executives. For these future C-Suite professionals and TAG leaders, this program doubles as a valuable learning experience and a diverse networking opportunity. The graduating class of 2022 will have the necessary skills to not only succeed but thrive in their careers. The P2L program will be a resume builder and a professional branding opportunity upon the candidate’s completion of the program and the Zoo Atlanta community project.

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Have the opportunity to work with Zoo Atlanta

The inaugural cohort will collaboratively create, build, and invent new solutions to solve challenges utilizing the cohort’s skills in CX, data analytics, strategy, and more!  Together, the cohort will leverage their expertise to demonstrate what’s possible when we all work together to strengthen our society and our lives. As part of the inaugural cohort, YOU will make a difference by working on challenges throughout this year-long Hackathon.

Cohort Content

Through attending these sessions, participants who are strengthening their career will receive tailored advice from industry expert instructors and commentary from executive team leaders. Some of the issues which will be discussed include creative problem-solving, strategic agility, conflict management, navigating change, etc. Participants will also be given the opportunity to work with the Zoo Atlanta, who has partnered with Pathways to Leadership.

Participants will have frequent interactions with experts including open discussion style sessions that will take place one Tuesday each month from 4-6pm. Executive team leaders include Jeffrey Buzzelli, Senior VP of Comcast Business, Kyle Tothill, Co-Founder & Managing Director of eHire, Phyllis NewHouse, CEO of Xtreme Solutions Inc. and Founder of Athena Technology Corp., and many other talented and experienced individuals as well.

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Please nominate an individual who demonstrates a desire to connect with the Georgia Business community, and to strengthen his/her career growth path. The nominee if selected will gain experiences, knowledge, relationships, and outcomes that will create value for themselves, their organization, and the state of Georgia.

They will be part of a Inaugural Member Cohort that is a diverse and inclusive class and represents different backgrounds in Georgia, including various industries, cultures, ages, and experiences. This will result in personal and professional growth for all involved.


  • Virtual with quarterly, in person meetings
  • Requires 5 hours of commitment each month
  • P2L can be combined with corporate mentoring programs
  • Biweekly optional leadership Zoom meetings

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Inaugural Member Cohort members for the twelve-month program are chosen based on their nomination by an executive within their organization or community. Nominations are accepted from community organizations, businesses, and in the future – PTL alumni. Interested individuals may also self-nominate. Cohort Classes are supplemented with small group conversations and projects to encourage relationship building, experiences and outcomes.

Program Contact

Heather Maxfield / TAG-Ed / Interim Executive Director

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