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TAG-Ed & HackATL: An Innovative Partnership

The students at Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management, the organization behind HackATL, have revived their partnership with TAG-Ed and TAG.

HackATL is the most prominent business hackathon in the Southeast, attracting 1,500+ students from top undergraduate programs across the United States and abroad since its establishment in 2013.

The participants are given 48 hours to develop a prototype and pitch it to judges, angel investors, and venture capitalists. At HackATL, we aim to create innovative solutions that cater to the world’s most pressing issues. With your participation, we hope to make this year’s HackATL the best one yet!

This year’s theme is “Ready Hacker X”.

On our 10th anniversary, we are looking back to our roots of embracing innovation and the unknown. This year we are issuing the open call of Ready Hacker X. In mathematics, “x” is often used to represent a value not yet known, speaking to variables and unknowns. In other words, representing infinite possibilities and a moving future. This year, we are asking our hackers to hit refresh and connect with their wildest dreams, whether it is incorporating the latest metaverse tech to tackle geographical inequality in business or developing a digital platform that tracks health risks in real-time. Help us encourage next generation entrepreneurship amidst the brightest minds in the South and beyond, because it is time to disrupt your reality.